Hurricane Harvey, Irene Have Impact On New And Used Car Sales

My Ford Explorer started losing its transmission earlier this year at 268,000 miles. First the reverse went out and I used it only for emergencies as I drove it #ForwardThinking you know park it in the forward position in the parking lots that have 2 parking slots in a row. And later on the Drive went out and I drove the last bit in 2nd Gear then parked it at home where iot has remained since awaiting the day I trade it away. Now I have been using mostly a website called to find cars since they list multiple dealerships, options and show the comparable prices and compare the price of the vehicle to the current market value of the vehicles and also shows what other similar vehicles have sold for within the area and within the United States. They also tell you how long a vehicle has been at a particular dealership as well as how long it’s been listed on Car Gurus and how many people have saved the vehicles as favorites. Coming into a dealership armed to the teeth with useful information like this really helps a huge amount with negotiations. However lately I have run into some serious weaksauce excuses for why the cars are priced so damned high…

First problem is I need an SUV… yes everyone says that but few really mean it. Most people just want an SUV because they think it will be better for a larger family. But in reality most cars and SUV crossovers these days have AWD (All Wheel Drive) and more comfortably fit a family of 4, 5 or even 6 than most SUVs they also drive smoother than traditional SUVs. The people that really need them are those like me The main DJ for and that have a need to carry serious DJ equipment, speakers, turntables etc… as well as lighting equipment and occasional equipment and passengers at the same time. But with everyone and their mom now looking at the SUV market SUVs have become ultra expensive, yes even the used ones are still crazy expensive for what they are.

It’s easy to find a used car at a decent price. It seems very hard to find a good used SUV at a reasonable price. And when you do if you don’t move on it in fear of perhaps finding an even better deal down the road… well then you might miss out… or if you hold out long enough the price drops and you snatch it up. We missed out on a sweet Nissan Pathfinder that was only $20,000 with only 30,000 miles and was in immaculate shape because it was the end of the day and I just didn’t want to put the guy through one more test drive and let’s face it it looked like a station wagon compared to the Toyota 4Runner LOL but it probably has been the one vehicle we regretted letting go.

Let me break this down:

I have been looking mostly at Honda Pilots and Toyota 4Runners along with a few other makes and models. I started looking at 2013 Range Rover Sport, Honda Pilot’s, Jeep Cherokee Overlands and Ford Explorers but my wife and I kept finding horror stories on certain vehicles and she started pushing 4Runners which initially I thought were BUTT UGLY because of the huge gaping hole in their grill that to me looked like a Manta Ray’s mouth or Hulk Hogan’s Mustache (which he pulls off quite well by the way, but does not look good on a vehicle LOL) It wasn’t until I saw the limited edition with a very different grill and body style that I actually started to look at 4Runners and eventually became obsessed with finding a good one. And together we decide on either a 4runner or a Honda Pilot as they both have 3rd row (standard 3rd Row on the Honda Pilots and Optional on 4runners) But that lead to problem number one:

Excuse 1: It’s a HONDA, It’s a Toyota etc… It is very dependable and so it holds it’s value.

OK that is slightly understandable, but come on, once a car goes over the 100,000 mile mark… that shit is just plain OLD! Stop the bullshit why is a car that hit 100,000 miles listed at $24,000 – $35,000? “But it’s a Toyota it will run forever” “Oh 100,000 miles is just barely breaking a Toyota 4Runner in” More like BREAKING THE VEHICLE!… Seriously, just because quite a few Toyotas have been known to go past the 300k mark does not automatically mean the particular vehicle I am looking at will. I mean at least cover the vehicle for a full year and 24,000 miles… Mosed Used Car dealerships offer AS IS NO warranty and the others offer minimal warranties so you are basically gambling $30,000 on a used vehicle that may need massive repairs in the near future. Even a 1 Year or 12,000 mile powertrain warranty is almost nothing if I end up driving it more often and most have only a 3000 all inclusive warranty, that’s just one oil change away, you really think that is going to save you? Negotiate the damned price down and / or the warranty period up.

Excuse 2: Yes it’s an older car but it has low milage

This one keeps getting used, and it’s used up as is probably the vehicle that is 8 years old regardless of the miles. OK so it’s a 2012 or a 2010 model car but only has 30,000 miles on it and we are offering it at $36,000 what? Seriously? Ok, granted, the vehicle has not been driven that far so there likely is less wear and tear on all the parts overall, but it still may have been susceptible to the changing weather, and who knows perhaps this vehicle just has had a ton of small issues that kept it in the shop so often that the owner just didn’t have time to drive it. Maybe they crashed it but didn’t want to get the insurance involved and therefore took longer to find a good repair shop that would do it on the downlow… also why hence the clean carfax report (accident Free My Ass) Who knows. It also will have older styling and older technology that is now semi obsolete. If a car is 5 to 10 years old it is still 5 to 10 years old regardless of how many miles are on it, get over yourselves, price your cars right people, a 2012 Honda Pilot Should not be anywhere near a New 2017 Honda Pilot price same with Toyota 4Runners. that is why the cars have been sitting there now for over 120 days. and constantly dropping in price… PS Car Gurus also keeps track of the Price Drops and increases over time. So quite the Bullshit and negotiate the car now and sell it now at the price I am asking rather than later at that same price after months of inching the price down over the internet. Which brings us to excuse number 3 and it’s now a biggie…

Excuse 3: No Haggle Prices: We Price our Cars Competitively, so We Don’t Negotiate Prices

LOL, This is the biggest fattest lie yet. And it comes in several forms. I’ve personally heard “We have an internet specialist that prices our cars competitively to sell online” Really? Then why are almost all the vehicles listed by your company showing up consistently as $1400 to $3000 over market value? And then I will personally see a few of those vehicles drop $500 at a time over the course of several months till they are finally $300 under market while other companies are already $1500 below market from the start? And another version was “we don’t have 4000 to 6000 in mark up to drop the price down for you” Oh come on, New Cars have that and they say Used Cars are where dealerships make their biggest profits. Oh wait I forgot the juiciest one “4Runners are hard to get at Auctions we pick them up sometimes at almost the cost we are selling them at” really so you aren’t in it for the profit? Well aren’t you just the sweetest thing, then why don’t you be a dear and DONATE that car to me I’ll gladly pay you 5000-8000 under your current sticker price, thanks, just write the loss off in your taxes. Oh please we all know you didn’t give the best deal to the guy that traded the car in, you know there’s plenty of wiggle room there.

Excuse 4: Prices on the Old Models Won’t Drop near The End of The Year

Now this one came straight out of Peter’s mouth out in Stevinson Toyota West In Colorado when we said will the 2017 models start dropping in price to make room for the 2018 inventory? He said “Here’s what really happens at the end of the year, everyone that was waiting for a price drop start coming in as the new 2018 models come out then they see the new prices are higher and they start calling all the dealerships to find any remaining 2017s the dealers only have a few so they don’t discount them at all, people simply see the price is still lower than the newer ones and so they start buying all the old ones as fast as they can and then the rest call looking for old models and it;s supply and demand everyone want’s them but there aren’t that many left around so they never get discounted.

Don’t be fooled, they still have a hard time selling them, New Cars are New Cars, there is no difference from one to another other than the color or the price, whereas a used car has many variables that can make one car better than another. Mileage, accidents and service care of the vehicle as well as interior maintenance and detailing can all make a difference in a used car and can drive prices higher or lower accordingly. On a new car the main factor will be the price, negotiate harder or walk and head to the next guy.


Excuse 5: Natural Disasters Are Now Spiking A Demand For Cars. It‘s Supply And Demand

I literally heard this one for the very first time today when I tried to negotiate a car that had been in the Phil Long Ford parking lot for over 3 months why? Because as usual it’s overpriced. It was a 2014 Honda Pilot that I test Drove that was $33,500 a few months back, I have watched the price fall steadily over a few months till it reached $31,000 my wife was like hell no, not without a warranty, we are not buying a Used vehicle without a warranty over $25,000 when we could get a new one near $35,000 with a full warranty. So I have waited on a few vehicles a few have dropped a few when we looked at them closer in person just didn’t stand up to our scrutinizing eyes and noses. Yes a few vehicles looked amazing but stunk like hell or as my wife put it “Did someone die in this vehicle” Now this particular Pilot was clean in all respects but it still is the older body style and is still 3 to 4 years old. I told the guy, you can keep reducing the price slowly over time or you can just sell the vehicle to me now at $25000 to which he retorted, actually with the Hurricane’s in Texas they are now looking to replace over 2 million vehicles so we are just selling vehicles and transferring them down there. This one has a bid offer at 31,000. Well isn’t that just “Convenient” for the dealership. Way to HELP them out with your wonderful charity. TEXAS, Colorado and everywhere else… NEGOTIATE for your best price… same with Housing, stop taking offers at full value and negotiate hard. I Know marijuana is legal now in Colorado bust must you buy a house or a car when you are high? Negotiate people! Well I hope losing a potential customer is worth the price of selling one car especially since We probably will need to replace my wife’s car soon as well. Now the guy had called me several times within the past few months to see if I was still interested in the vehicle, hell yes I’m interested in the vehicle, hell no at that price. And they of course try to play the numbers game trying to find another vehicle in the price range I’d like to be in.

Excuse 6: We Can Keep You At The Same Car Payment

This is one of the biggest, ugliest, most bullshit, fucking lame ass ways of manipulating numbers and manipulating customers I have found so far. And I have been hit with this one at just about every dealership in Colorado. Stop hiding the car’s ultimate price with the financing games. Stick to your guns! I want the car at $25000 … I don’t feel comfortable paying so much for a used car. “what if we can keep your car payments the same” You mean “what if we charge you $35,000 for the car even though you just told us you weren’t willing to pay more than 25K but instead we extend your finance period so that you pay the same price monthly but pay for another 2 extra years” NO Thanks…. Give me the car I want at the price point I asked for at an interest rate that is affordable.

Excuse 7: If I Sell You The Car At That Price Then I Won’t Be Able To Feed My Kids

Don’t give me this bullshit excuse, we know damned well that this is not a charity, it is a for profit company, and we know damned well that there is a hefty profit to be made in car sales. And it is very clearly visible in the retail space you pay for to store and sell these cars and trucks. You can see the profits in the marble floors, the etched glass windows, the High vaulted Ceilings and Artistic display gallery. Let’s face it the only kids I should be worried about feeding are my own and If I buy the car at the ridiculous price you are asking… I won’t be able to feed my kids for years.

Excuse 8: It Has A Clean Carfax with Zero Accidents and Passed a 190 Point Inspection

LOL, how many times have I heard this one and then pointed out how the bumper is cracked, the sides have been obviously touched up, the bumper or side panel is misaligned, has a huge dent or gouge and or there are scrapes on the side or scrapes on the alloy wheels… Obviously it’s been in a few accidents… They obviously didn’t report any of them on the CarFax… or they just traded it in that way rather than deal with insurance. How thorough was the inspection if you missed these few things I found within seconds of “Inspecting the Vehicle” either lower the price or fix that shit, detail the car right, come on man.


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Amazing Birthday Flyer Designs

Birthday Flyer Designs That Look As Amazing As Our Nightclub Flyers!

Are you wanting your birthday flyer designs to stand out and look professional? We have you covered with amazing birthday flyer designs that are designed as spectacularly as our professional nightclub flyer designs.

We Have You Covered With Sweet 16 Birthday Flyer Designs, 50th Birthday Party Flyers And All Types of Birthday Flyer Themes!

Have a look at some of the Birthday flyer designs here and know we can design anything you may have in mind. From an all Pink Sweet 16 Birthday Party theme to an all white party theme flyer theme we have you covered. Do you want your birthday flyer to be elegant? Need your Birthday flyer to look modern or rustic or just plain silly and fun? We can design anything you need. All we need is a good picture of the Birthday boy or girl and the details of the event and or theme and we will design the perfect Birthday Flyer for you. Need to print them out? We can handle that too!

Email us at or give us a call at 303-995-0875 to start your birthday flyer design or nightclub flyer design today!

Big Rog's Aquarius Birthday Weekend Nightclub Flyer Design

Big Rog’s Aquarius Birthday Weekend Nightclub Flyer Design

White Me Down All White Affair White Party Flyer Design

White Me Down All White Affair White Party Flyer Design

Empire State of Mind Birthday Party Flyer design for Jasmine aka Miss J at The Empire Hotel Rooftop

Empire State of Mind Birthday Party Flyer design for Jasmine aka Miss J at The Empire Hotel Rooftop

You can also find more of our amazing flyer designs at and 303-995-0875

DJ Emir at 3 Below Nightclub Pueblo CO Twins Birthday Flyer Design

DJ Emir at 3 Below Nightclub Pueblo CO Twins Birthday Flyer Design

We provide you a spectacular flyer design in various sizes and can provide printing for your flyer as well!

Once the final design is approved we will provide you with a 12×18 Poster size print file that you can take to print posters from as well as a 6×9 large flyer Print Version, a 4×6 standard flyer Print version that you can take or send via email to any printer or we can do the printing for you as well at an additional cost. Often our prices for printing fliers are lower than printing it yourself through a local printer, but if you already know of a cheap flyer printer you can always use them instead.

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Halloween Flyer Designs Worth Their Weight in Gold

If you need flyer designs for Halloween, Christmas, Birthday Parties or for any occasion make sure to call 303-995-0875 for the very best flyer designs.

Visit The Flyer Design section of for other Flyer Design samples or to make payment and get your design started today!

Halloween Flyer Designs It's September, The Days of Summer are starting to wind down and even though it is still hot outside we all know cooler temperatures are just around the corner and Halloween is soon approaching. That being said Tis the Season for some of the most dramatic flyer designs of the year… the sexy Halloween costume fliers and flyer designs that will soon be hitting the streets and face book pages of every major city in the world. Below you will find a … Read More

via DJ Emir Hip Hop Mixtapes, Nightclubs and Designs

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Batman Mixtape Hits Hard Like The Movie

DJ Emir Batman Mixtape Hits Hard Like The Movies

In a recent review of DJ Emir’s Batman mixtape John Sullivan of MRP stated “The DJ Emir Batman mixtape hits just as hard as the batman movies themselves. In fact, all of his latest mixtape releases have been heavy hitters that had us all thoroughly entertained.”

Make sure you check out the Batman Mixtape at Listen to Free 17minute sample from the Batman Mixtape and get your copy of this incredible 80 minute mixtape CD today.

DJ Emir Mixtapes Designs DJ Services and Photography

DJ Emir Mixtapes Designs DJ Services and Photography

Get The Amazing Batman Mixtape at http://www.DJEMIR.comDJ Emir Batman Mixtape CD Front Cover

DJ Emir Batman Mixtape CD Front Cover

DJ Emir Batman Mixtape CD Back Cover
DJ Emir Batman Mixtape CD Back Cover

DJ Emir Batman Mixtape Track Listing:

1. DJ Emir – Batman Mixtape Intro
2. Pitbull – Calle Ocho DJ Emir Remix
3. Clinton Sparks ft JD & DJ Class – Favorite DJ
4. Clinton Sparks ft Sean Paul – Favorite DJ Remix
5. Tag Team – Whoomp There It Is BMore Remix
6. Fat Man Scoop Serafin – It Takes BMore
7. Lil Jon 3OH3 – Hey Put Your Drinks Up Remix
8. Lil Jon – Shots
9. Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow
10. Pitbull – The Future
11. Black Eyed Peas ft Fat Man Scoop – Boom Boom Pow Remix
12.Chelly vs Robin S. – Took The Night Show Me Love Remix
13. Katy Perry – Hot & Cold (DJ Emir Afro-Consciousness Remix)
14. Usher – OMG15. Akon – Unless We Fkn
16. Enrique Iglesias ft Ludacris – Tonight I’m Fkin You
17. Flo Rida – Low18. Ludacris – How Low Can You Go
19. Da Shop Boyz – Party Like a Rock Star
20. Bon Jovi – Wanted Dead or Alive (Lollipop Remix)
21. Trey Songz ft Busta Rhymes and Nicki Minaj – Bottoms Up (Busta Rhymes Remix)
22. DJ Khaled – All I Do Is Win (Busta Rhymes Remix)
23. DJ Khaled – All I Do Is Win (Ludacris Verse)
24. Chris Brown ft Busta Rhymes – Look At Me Now
25. Katy Perry – E.T. (AKA Alien Sex)
26. T.I. – Poppin Bottles
27. Wiz Khalifa – Black And Yellow
28. Jeremih ft 50 Cent – Down on Me
29. Amy Whine House vs Dawn Penn – Rehab Remix
30. Lloyd Banks – Beamer Benz and Bently
31. Lil Jon – Snap Your Fingers
32. Cali Swagg District – Teach Me how To Dougie
33. Cali Swagg District – Teach Me How To Dougie Remix
34. Ludacris – My Chick Bad35. Bruno Mars – Billionaire Remix
36. Jay-Z – Public Service Announcement Remix
37. Chris Brown ft Timbaland – Paper Scissor Rock
38. Serani – No Games
39. Future Fambo ft Beenie Man – Drinking Rum & Redbull
40. Wiz Khalifa – Roll Up
41. Chiddy Bang – Good Life
42. Dr. Dre ft Snoop Dogg and Akon – Kush
43. Ty Dolla ft Joe Moses – All Star
44. Wisin Y Yandel – Rackata
45. Lupe Fiasco – Superstar Reggaeton Remix
46. Baby Bash ft E40 – Go Girl
47. E40 50 Cent Too Short – Bitch
48. Snoop Dogg – Boom
49. Mann – Buzzin

Also make sure you check out the Iron Man MixtapeAustin Powers Goldmember Mixtape and the Transformers mixtape by DJ Emir as well.

To Book DJ Emir for your nightclub or event call 303-995-0875

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DJ Emir at Teddys Fridays in February

The First Weeks at Teddy’s with DJ Emir and KS1075 were completely off the chain.

All through February 2011 Catch DJ Emir Santana at Teddy’s Nightclub
4849 Bannock St. Denver CO inside the Holiday Inn

Ladies get in Free Al Night and Fellas are only $5 after 10pm

Get There early for great Food and ladies get there early to take advantage of $1 Well Drinks for The Ladies from 9-11pm! Fellas Teddy’s din’t forget about you they have $2.50 Domestic Beers for you as well. Plus shot specials and a shot girl walking around with 2 for $5 shots.

Plus for all my biggest mixtape fans that show up to Teddy’s Fridays and ask I will have a few free mixtapes available (while supplies last) So dress up nice, get there early and ask for a mixtape at the DJ booth.

Fridays at Teddy's Nightclub w DJ Emir Denver CO Flyer Design

Fridays at Teddy’s Nightclub Denver CO w DJ Emir

To Book DJ Emir for Your Events Call 303-995-0875

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Press Rewind

Press Rewind On the Track – Did You Hear What He Said?

There was a time when pressing rewind was mandatory. You had to rewind, cause some of the lines people spit made you say DAMN! You rewound because you were like “damn did he say what I think he said?” You had to rewind because the cadence was so quick and the rhymes so full of wit you just couldn’t digest it all in one listen. Now you tend to have most people spitting McDonald’s Fast Food rhymes that even the dumbest idiots can easily digest and sing along to after the first listen… “All that Ass In those Jeans…” “Get Out the Way Pretty Boy Coming Through…”

It’s just not there anymore, but occasionally we hear a track with a rhyme that goes all in like Andre 3000’s VERSE (and I mean only his verse) on Kesha’s “Sleazy Remix” (she ends up ruining the song for me, but that beat and his verse are strong as hell especially when he says “I say it in cadence so it won’t get negated”

And then of course Joel Ortiz, Crooked I, Styles P etc on the Slaughterhouse “Put Some Money On It Remix” but overall you have to dig deeper than ever to find the quality lyrics that used to be more prevalent when you had to earn your way to a record deal by putting out good music.

There are a few still out there that consistently put out some hard-hitting Lyrics, Eminem’s verses on “NO Love” come to mind as do some of Ludacris’ lines from The more serious songs on the “Release Therapy Album” and the witty lines on his newer songs as well.

With the internet making it easier for rap artists and music artists to get themselves heard, we find more often people we really need not hear anymore, yet they somehow manage to keep finding support from misguided individuals willing to swallow whatever they keep dishing out.

Maybe emcees just don’t have good role models anymore, people they look up to and say Damn, I wish I could spit like that and come up with intellectual lines like they do, put together a song that flows like they do. But as Rap deteriorates with each passing generation we must find a few beacons of light in the darkest of times to bring us back to the path. Even if it means going back to the past to find them. We’re in the dark ages of Rap so it is that a rebirth is needed. A Hip Hop Renaissance  to bring us barreling out of the Dark Ages of Rap.

See now you either grow lyrically with your fanbase or you become obsolete real quick
take The Souljah Boy flop sales of 13,000 albums after having much higher numbers. Hopefully he has invested some of his money, so he can still live it up in the future. He should still be OK with the sales of ringtones, merchandise etc, but this is stilla  big blow to his income and perhaps his ego as well. This may cause him to step it up and maybe we will see a new rapper come out of this.

So lets go back to some Mobb Deep Survival of The Fittest, some Das EFX, Tribe called Quest, Big Daddy Kane and re-listen to the metaphors cadence then as Red Man said “Press rewind if I haven’t blown ya mind” … “he said riding the fuji like Bruce Lee in the movie” LOL – DJ Emir Mixtapes

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Ultra Hot Michael Jackson Mixtape Tribute to King of Pop

"It’s a sad day when we lose one of the most beloved singers and entertainers of all time. Michael Jackson The King of Pop was an inspiration to millions around the world. His absence will be felt most dearly. Even sadder, he was scheduled to release several new albums and was also ready to tour again. Many new fans along with his faithful original fans would have gotten another chance to see his awesome stage performances live in concert.

We can think of no one better suited to create a Michael Jackson Mixtape Tribute masterpiece than the mixtape King himself DJ Emir. On "Badder Than Bad" The King of Pop meets the King of Mixtapes to create a tribute like no other out there. DJ Emir was known to throw Michael Jackson songs in the clubs almost every time he spun. Emir constantly would remix Michaels music live in the clubs across the country while on tour. So It is quite fitting that DJ Emir’s tribute mixtape to The King of Pop should be the greatest to grace the world and the internet. It shows the world what two great forces in the entertainment world can do when they collide in spectacular fashion. DJ Emir’s "Badder Than Bad – The Michael Jackson Tribute Mixtape" is by far the best and most befitting mixtape tribute there is. No other mixtape even comes close to the effort and talent put forth on the Badder Than Bad Mixtape Tribute. Anyone and everyone that ever loved Michael Jackson’s music will thoroughly enjoy this finely crafted mixtape masterpiece " – James Jones Las Vegas Reviews

DJ Emir has released the official hardest Michael Jackson Mixtape on the planet! The Badder Than Bad Mixtape This Mixtape out trumps all other Michael Jackson Tributes by a landslide. The hot Michael Jackson Mixtape is yet another addition to a long line of Great Mixtapes coming from the ultra talented King of Mixtapes including his world famous Iron Man Mixtape and His Transformers Mixtape 

As a Tribute to Michael Jackson DJ Emir King of Mixtapes transforms the incredible catalog of Michael Jackson the King of Pop with the style and flair only DJ Emir can bring to create a mixtape masterpiece worthy of being called a MJ TributeDJ Emir is the Worlds Best Mixtape DJ creating real mixtape classics that can be enjoyed for years. DJ Emir’s previous Mixtape Masterpiece The Ironman mixtape has redefined what a great mixtape should be and is also available online at  

Go to now to listen to this incredible mixtape now and find out for yourself why this is one of the best mixtapes on the planet

While You’re at it also check out VIP Nightclub Magazine’s 2008 Mixtape of The Year
the Transformers Mixtape CD

Superstar DJ DJ Emir Hip Hop Mixtapes

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RapMullet Review of DJ Emir Iron Man Mixtape CD

Recently we received word from some of our Mixtape Fans that
actually did a nice little review of DJ Emir’s Iron Man Mixtape
we want to thank Big Chew of Rapmullet for taking the time to listen to DJ Emir’s Mixtape
and for taking the time to write his review of the IRON MAN MIXTAPE
Below we’ve included a small excerpt from the Mixtape Review
“…This project is 60 + tracks long, continuous mixing, tons of skill, some quality mash ups (hate that phrase) and overall just a high-energy party type joint. I give Emir credit cause he pulled off the three turntable vibe like a vet and he let the music do the talking so to speak. Meaning it has that vibe of Emir starting out with a few tracks in mind and he lets the music take over while he just mixes and at the end of it all you got 60 tracks. If you’re into party joints this is def the mixtape series for you. Shout to Emir for keeping mixtape hope alive, it is appreciated man…thanks. “
The Iron Man Mixtape was also called “The Official Hardest Mixtape In Los Angeles
by Promoter Jay of J’s VIP list Los Angeles California.
Promoter J. had given away 100 Iron Man Mixtape CDs at his parties and
was getting an overwhelming response of praise and appreciation as a result.
The consensus from everyone that got one and their friends was that the mixtape was “super hard with great mixes
“loved the entire mixtape” “never heard anything like it” and finally from J of J’s VIP List himself…
Listen for yourself at and get your copy today!
Only $10 with shipping included (Domestic & International)
Plues Check out all our other hot Hip Hop Mixtapes
Exclusively at
The Home of The Hip Hop Music Remix
PS: Los Angeles, Now’s your chance to snatch up The Hardest DJ in L.A. DJ Emir!
DJ Emir will also bring more CDs with him to hand out at your event.
Take advantage of this huge opportunity and Book DJ Emir today Call 303-995-0875 email mixshow @
or visit for alternative contacts.
DJ Emir Mixtapes and Designs Business Card Flyer

Business Card and Flyer design for DJ Emir Mixtapes and Designs

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DJ Emir Midwest and Las Vegas Tour

Original post written By Vanessa V for The Great Hip Hop Music Blog
In January 2009 DJ Emir Did a quick mini midwest tour Dropping his genius mixes, DJ abilities and remixes on fans in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Las Vegas. Before heading back to Denver DJ Emir’s last stop was Las Vegas where his style of mixing really took off. Completely frenzying the crowd at all three spots he mixed at, Emir really put it down hard on the turntables the entire week. He must have really been feeling it when he was in Vegas this time cause he was killing it with the live remixes, mixes, juggles and  scratches.
On Saturday Emir must have been digging deep into his repertoir because he even surprised us with some of the insane mixes he put together. I think a few people were surprised to find out DJ Emir resides in Denver, They just couldn’t believe Denver had such a talented DJ hidden in what they thought was a One horse town. DJ Emir’s originally from Puerto Rico and New York, but that will be our little secret ;).
Our team brought over 1000 mixtape cds with us which we gave away to Emir’s new fans and a few familiar faces as well. Talks are in the works to have him come back to Las Vegas a little more often. We also dropped Ironman mixtape CDs at many of the other casinos we weren’t performing at in an attempt to pick up a few Vegas residencies or special events. (We’ll keep you all posted)
On his days off we all visited other nightclubs and other casinos to check out what we expected to be awsome nights of great dJs and entertainment. We were sadly dissapointed by many of the spots as their deejays simply didn’t match up in intensity, style or ability. Las Vegas known for its huge casinos and lavish nightclubs had fallen off a little on some of  their nightclub DJ standards. Lazy deejays were croping up at the most unlikely nightclubs.
We spoke to some associates from LA about how our friend was dissapointed about the Deejays in LA when he first moved out there. They mentioned they too were dissapointed when they first moved out to LA as well, we mentioned our surprise dissapointment over the Las Vegas DJ Scene. That’s when they suggested it’s partly because Vegas is importing the same DJs from the Los Angeles scene. Apparently Vegas has fallen victim to flying out the lazy Deejays of Los Angeles. Which is a shame since there are many other great deejays out there that are far better deserving of a residency in one of the entertainment capitals of the world.
We did however find one other exceptional DJ during the nights, One other hot DJ out in Vegas, DJ Serrafin of the Crooklynclan/CrackforDJs crews. DJ Serrafin’s mix style energy and enthusiasm was much like DJ Emir’s style of mixing. DJ Serrafin really knew how to rock the crowd and reaffirmed our faith in Las Vegas nightclubs and Las Vegas DJs. After hearing him live we can now add DJ serrafin to our growing list of favorite nightclub DJs which now include: DJ Serrafin, DJ AM, DJ Craze, DJ Emir, DJ Z-Trip, DJ Vajra, and DJ Sniper.
We were unable to catch DJ AM this time around but he always puts on a great show as does DJ-Ztrip, we were fortunate enough to catch both of those guys at Beta nightclub in Denver when they came through this past year. Z-trip signed DJ Emir’s jacket, so I guess you could say Z-Trip is also One of our our favorite DJ’s favorite DJ 🙂 LOL
DJ Emir Made some decent cash while in Vegas but being a gambleing city well lets just say he reinvested in Vegas nightlife. Lesson learned, we hope. Mental note: next time just keep him busy deejaying and watching Vegas shows, no gambling. PS- when in Vegas always take payment in a check… LOL
Of course Vegas is also known for gambling as well as for it’s great live performance shows We decided to catch the Circue Du Soleil show Zumanity which was playing at the New York, New York Hotel. It was a funny sexy show with plenty of the unique and insane talents and performers you come to expect from a Circue Du Soliel Show. This particular show wasn’t the one to take the kiddies to with its very erotic displays and very sexual nature. We rather enjoyed the show and the abilities of the performers. We were also very impressed with the strength and balance of all the performers especially the strength of the smallest of them and the lady that did the flying ribbon act both their shoulders had to be extremely powerful to wistand the forces they were exerting on themselves with the huge drops and sudden stops they were making with the cloth.
Hotel New York New York. Each of the hotel towers is actually fashioned after New York Citys most famous downtown buildings. There is also a huge rollercoaster that you can ride all day. When I say huge it’s one of the bigger ones we’ve seen in our travels. We didn’t have the time to ride it this time (at least we couldn’t convince the scardy cats to get on board anyway) We’ll be sure they at least take pictures of us on the ride next time if they don’t want to come along. P***s LOL.
DJ Emir is always small in stature but bigger than life when he’s on the turntables! LOL
Here Emir is Shown with the much taller New York New York Casino hostesses.
The Palazzo / Venitian hotel has a beatiful Venice Canal gondola section with a replica of Venice’s famous canal system. Tons of fun if you have the time to hop aboard for an hour or so.
DJ Emir Mixtape fans were found all over Las Vegas, from Casino to Casino as we both found existing fans and created new fans out in Las Vegas. We had a few CDs left after the tour and handed the rest out at the airports which always makes us feel bad when we hear… “if someone tries to hand you something….” LOL
Coming back to freezing weather after a small stint down south was quite harsh, and during these cold months Denver’s scene dies off a little on its snowy and ultra cold days, but I think we were all partied out and ready for a rest anyway… but so much for that plan, cause it’s back to grinding away as usual. See you all on the next leg of the tour, hope to catch you in your town soon.
To book DJ Emir call 303 995-0875
or email mixshow @

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