Transformers Mixtape

DJ Emir Transformers Mixtape

The Transformers Mixtape was aptly named as it was a mixtape that significantly marked a dramatic change in  my DJ style. Of course that isn’t the actual reason it’s called the Transformers mixtape but it was very appropriate that it would be this particular mixtape that sparked (All Sparked) the massive change in my DJ and mixtape style.

The Transformers Mixtape is of course named after those wonderful transforming robots we love so much THE TRANSFORMERS, as the Autobots and Decepticons battle it out within the confines of an 80 minute mixtape CD.

Transformers Mixtape Cover Design

Transformers Mixtape CD Cover Art Design

This Mixtape went in so hard as One DJ put it “Everytime I get ready to make a mixtape I listen to the Transformers mixtape and think damn how the hell am I gonna make a mixtape that an top that? The transformers mixtape goes hard baby!” I totaly understand your pain, cause the funny thing is sometimes I don;t start a new mixtape for that very reason. I always think I have to keep outdoing myself on every mixtape release and sometimes it keeps me from starting. Well really tehre are many other factors that keep me from starting a new mixtaoe like all these clubs that for some reason no longer have technics turntables so I have to keep lugging mne out the house. that’s what I get for selling my spare set of  technics turntables LOL.

I personally love the Iron Man Mixtape myself cause I felt it was a mixtape that gave the Transformers Mixtape a good run for it’s money. Still many of my mixtape fans list the Transformers Mixtape as their all time favorite mixtape and a few magazines and websites have listed the Transformers Mixtape as their 2008 Mixtape of the Year.

Transformers Mixtape Back Cover Design

Transformers Mixtape Back Cover Design

With a super quick mix style, 64 tracks of the hottest Hip Hop, Reggae and pop music and a smoothly laid out theme of sound clips from the Transformers movie including excerpts from Optimus Prime Himself the Transformers mixtape really does live up to its many awards.  check it out at


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