DJ Emir Santana

DJ Emir Santana is a professional nightclub and mixtape DJ with an extensive repertoire of explosive mixes and DJ sets that will take any party to the next level. When you want to go “All In” you can bank on DJ Emir to also go all in with an aggressive nightclub mix style that incorporates turntable skills and crafty remixes to make your event a memorable event people will want to revisit. DJ Emir’s hard line mixes and award winning mixtapes have made him one of the most sought after nightclub DJs in the world.

From the Iditarod Dog Sled Race After Parties in Alaska to To New York, Denver, Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Miami,  the Virgin Islands,  Puerto Rico and even China, Emir has graced the stage of some of the hottest nightclubs in the world.

Thousands of DJ Emir mixtape fans around the world adore and appreciate the creativity and effort that goes into every DJ Emir Mixtape. Emir commands a strong loyal following of mixtape fans worldwide. So much so, that Cassie Jasmine Nukem a friend that attends Kung Fu with Emir once told him a funny story about her bumping into an avid DJ Emir fan while in Paris France.

Cassie proceeded “Emir I didn’t realize you were so famous. Do you know you have huge fans in France” she continued “You’re never going to believe this but I was in France practicing Kung Fu in the park and a guy walked up to me wanting to know where I study kung fu. I answered him, ‘I study in Denver Colorado.’ He immediately lit up and said ‘Oh my god, you study kung fu in Denver Colorado? DJ Emir’s from Denver and he studies kung fu too! You wouldn’t happen to know him?’  I told him ‘yes as a matter of fact we go to the same kung fu school’ he became even more excited and told me ‘Wow, you know DJ Emir? He’s my favorite DJ in the world, I have all his mixtapes!”

The crazy part about that story is that the guy was specifically talking about DJ Emir Santana from the United States even though apparently there exists a DJ Emir in France.


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