Star Wars Mixtape


Star Wars Wallpaper

Star Wars Prequel Wallpaper

The Star Wars Mixtape is the 6th installment in DJ Emir’s Techniques Mixtape Series. It is also the first of DJ Emir’s mixtapes to receive an award. From the smooth DJ Emir blend remix of Mobb Deep “Survival of the Fittest” over Bone Crusher’s “Wood Gripping” beat to the way Emir put together several of Star War’s Emperor Palpetine  infamous lines to make new sentences that worked perfectly on this mixtape “You’re fulfilling your destiny! Only through me can you achieve a power greater than any Jedi. Become my apprentice… Learn to use the DARKSIDE of the force!”

The Star Wars Mixtape is an extremely entertaining mixtape that smoothly blends in bits an pieces of Jedi Master Yoda, Emperor Palpetine aka Darth Sideous, and Darth Vader to create not just a smooth mixtape but a journey that entertains from start to finish. One can almost see Master Yoda lighting up his light saber in response to Darth Sideous’ infamous comment “At Last The Jedi are no more!” as Yoda replies “Not if anything to say about it DJ EMIR Have” and indeed DJ Emir cuts up the tracks like a Mixtape Jedi with a light saber. This mixtape follows young Anakin Skywalker as he descends down the path of the darkside and the turmoil that is unleashed from within. But in this Star wars Mixtape version the listener may feels like they are Anakin, it all plays out like a video game or an interactive book for while one hears the Emperor goading us twards the darkside it is up to the listener to resist the lure of the darkside.

Get the Star Wars Mixtape at

Star Wars Mixtape Darkside Shift

Star Wars Mixtape


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