RapMullet Review of DJ Emir Iron Man Mixtape CD

Recently we received word from some of our Mixtape Fans that www.Rapmullet.com
actually did a nice little review of DJ Emir’s Iron Man Mixtape
we want to thank Big Chew of Rapmullet for taking the time to listen to DJ Emir’s Mixtape
and for taking the time to write his review of the IRON MAN MIXTAPE
Below we’ve included a small excerpt from the Mixtape Review
“…This project is 60 + tracks long, continuous mixing, tons of skill, some quality mash ups (hate that phrase) and overall just a high-energy party type joint. I give Emir credit cause he pulled off the three turntable vibe like a vet and he let the music do the talking so to speak. Meaning it has that vibe of Emir starting out with a few tracks in mind and he lets the music take over while he just mixes and at the end of it all you got 60 tracks. If you’re into party joints this is def the mixtape series for you. Shout to Emir for keeping mixtape hope alive, it is appreciated man…thanks. “
The Iron Man Mixtape was also called “The Official Hardest Mixtape In Los Angeles
by Promoter Jay of J’s VIP list Los Angeles California.
Promoter J. had given away 100 Iron Man Mixtape CDs at his parties and
was getting an overwhelming response of praise and appreciation as a result.
The consensus from everyone that got one and their friends was that the mixtape was “super hard with great mixes
“loved the entire mixtape” “never heard anything like it” and finally from J of J’s VIP List himself…
Listen for yourself at www.djemir.com and get your copy today!
Only $10 with shipping included (Domestic & International)
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DJ Emir Mixtapes and Designs Business Card Flyer

Business Card and Flyer design for DJ Emir Mixtapes and Designs

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DJ Emir Midwest and Las Vegas Tour

Original post written By Vanessa V for The Great Hip Hop Music Blog
In January 2009 DJ Emir Did a quick mini midwest tour Dropping his genius mixes, DJ abilities and remixes on fans in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Las Vegas. Before heading back to Denver DJ Emir’s last stop was Las Vegas where his style of mixing really took off. Completely frenzying the crowd at all three spots he mixed at, Emir really put it down hard on the turntables the entire week. He must have really been feeling it when he was in Vegas this time cause he was killing it with the live remixes, mixes, juggles and  scratches.
On Saturday Emir must have been digging deep into his repertoir because he even surprised us with some of the insane mixes he put together. I think a few people were surprised to find out DJ Emir resides in Denver, They just couldn’t believe Denver had such a talented DJ hidden in what they thought was a One horse town. DJ Emir’s originally from Puerto Rico and New York, but that will be our little secret ;).
Our team brought over 1000 mixtape cds with us which we gave away to Emir’s new fans and a few familiar faces as well. Talks are in the works to have him come back to Las Vegas a little more often. We also dropped Ironman mixtape CDs at many of the other casinos we weren’t performing at in an attempt to pick up a few Vegas residencies or special events. (We’ll keep you all posted)
On his days off we all visited other nightclubs and other casinos to check out what we expected to be awsome nights of great dJs and entertainment. We were sadly dissapointed by many of the spots as their deejays simply didn’t match up in intensity, style or ability. Las Vegas known for its huge casinos and lavish nightclubs had fallen off a little on some of  their nightclub DJ standards. Lazy deejays were croping up at the most unlikely nightclubs.
We spoke to some associates from LA about how our friend was dissapointed about the Deejays in LA when he first moved out there. They mentioned they too were dissapointed when they first moved out to LA as well, we mentioned our surprise dissapointment over the Las Vegas DJ Scene. That’s when they suggested it’s partly because Vegas is importing the same DJs from the Los Angeles scene. Apparently Vegas has fallen victim to flying out the lazy Deejays of Los Angeles. Which is a shame since there are many other great deejays out there that are far better deserving of a residency in one of the entertainment capitals of the world.
We did however find one other exceptional DJ during the nights, One other hot DJ out in Vegas, DJ Serrafin of the Crooklynclan/CrackforDJs crews. DJ Serrafin’s mix style energy and enthusiasm was much like DJ Emir’s style of mixing. DJ Serrafin really knew how to rock the crowd and reaffirmed our faith in Las Vegas nightclubs and Las Vegas DJs. After hearing him live we can now add DJ serrafin to our growing list of favorite nightclub DJs which now include: DJ Serrafin, DJ AM, DJ Craze, DJ Emir, DJ Z-Trip, DJ Vajra, and DJ Sniper.
We were unable to catch DJ AM this time around but he always puts on a great show as does DJ-Ztrip, we were fortunate enough to catch both of those guys at Beta nightclub in Denver when they came through this past year. Z-trip signed DJ Emir’s jacket, so I guess you could say Z-Trip is also One of our our favorite DJ’s favorite DJ 🙂 LOL
DJ Emir Made some decent cash while in Vegas but being a gambleing city well lets just say he reinvested in Vegas nightlife. Lesson learned, we hope. Mental note: next time just keep him busy deejaying and watching Vegas shows, no gambling. PS- when in Vegas always take payment in a check… LOL
Of course Vegas is also known for gambling as well as for it’s great live performance shows We decided to catch the Circue Du Soleil show Zumanity which was playing at the New York, New York Hotel. It was a funny sexy show with plenty of the unique and insane talents and performers you come to expect from a Circue Du Soliel Show. This particular show wasn’t the one to take the kiddies to with its very erotic displays and very sexual nature. We rather enjoyed the show and the abilities of the performers. We were also very impressed with the strength and balance of all the performers especially the strength of the smallest of them and the lady that did the flying ribbon act both their shoulders had to be extremely powerful to wistand the forces they were exerting on themselves with the huge drops and sudden stops they were making with the cloth.
Hotel New York New York. Each of the hotel towers is actually fashioned after New York Citys most famous downtown buildings. There is also a huge rollercoaster that you can ride all day. When I say huge it’s one of the bigger ones we’ve seen in our travels. We didn’t have the time to ride it this time (at least we couldn’t convince the scardy cats to get on board anyway) We’ll be sure they at least take pictures of us on the ride next time if they don’t want to come along. P***s LOL.
DJ Emir is always small in stature but bigger than life when he’s on the turntables! LOL
Here Emir is Shown with the much taller New York New York Casino hostesses.
The Palazzo / Venitian hotel has a beatiful Venice Canal gondola section with a replica of Venice’s famous canal system. Tons of fun if you have the time to hop aboard for an hour or so.
DJ Emir Mixtape fans were found all over Las Vegas, from Casino to Casino as we both found existing fans and created new fans out in Las Vegas. We had a few CDs left after the tour and handed the rest out at the airports which always makes us feel bad when we hear… “if someone tries to hand you something….” LOL
Coming back to freezing weather after a small stint down south was quite harsh, and during these cold months Denver’s scene dies off a little on its snowy and ultra cold days, but I think we were all partied out and ready for a rest anyway… but so much for that plan, cause it’s back to grinding away as usual. See you all on the next leg of the tour, hope to catch you in your town soon.
To book DJ Emir call 303 995-0875
or email mixshow @ djemir.com

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The Only Mixtape Website with Guaranteed Party Mixes on each mixtape CD
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Nominate DJ Emir for Justo Mixtape Awards

Nominate DJ Emir for Mixtape Awards


Nominate DJ Emir for Mixtape Awards
Take a Moment of your time to Nominate DJ Emir for the Justo Mixtape Awards

Nominate DJ Emir for:
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Ironman Mixtape CD

"The Ironman mixtape is a 62 track monster mixtape CD mixed by DJ Emir One of the worlds top nightclub and mixtape DJs.
This CD has captivated many of todays mixtape fans with the intensity and precision of the mixes and remixes that have made DJ Emir famous.
The mixtape master went back to work and created yet another mixtape masterpiece in an attempt to out do his 2008 mixtape of the year." – Jerome Johnson VIP Nightclub Magazine
Listen to the first Ten minutes for Free at www.djemir.com
Then get your mixtape fix with the Ironman Mixtape
The Iron Man Mixtape The follow up smash hit to the
2008 VIP Nightclub magazine Mixtape of The Year
Superstar DJ DJ Emir Hip Hop Mixtapes
New Mixtapes now available at www.djemir.com:
The Hot New Iron Man Mixtape plus the multi award winning
2008 Mixtape of The Year and supreme fan favorite mixtape CD,
DJ Emir’s Transformers Mixtape The official
VIP Nightclub Magazine 2008 Mixtape of The Year
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Transformers Mixtape: 2008 Mixtape of The Year

The Transformers Mixtape was hailed as VIP Nightclub Magazine’s official Mixtape of the Year.

The Transformers Mixtape: 62 Tracks of the hottest Hip Hop, Reggae and Dance Remixes on the planet.
Hosted by Optimus Prime and The Autobots. This Transformers themed mixtape is the ultimate collectors Item
for the Transformers enthusiest in your life.
Get it at www.djemir.com The Home of Hip Hop Mixtapes

The Transformers Mixtape has recieved the coveted 2008 Mixtape of The Year award for two seperate
internet and print magazines VIP Nightclub magazine and the Mixtape Review board.

In their Mixtape of the Year article VIP Nightclub Magazine wrote:

"With the insane mixing, scratches and remixes DJ Emir threw on this mixtape,
the Transformers Mixtape has dominated the nightclub mixtape circuit.
It decimated the inferior mixtapes that have flooded and over-saturated the mixtape markets with hosts of inferior products.
In a world that has become much too complacent with mediocrity, DJ Emir has elevated our expectations and brought back hope
to a dying breed of mixtapes. His Transformers Mixtape truly is a masterpiece of epic proportions.
We have listened to it on a consistant basis, at home, in the office and in our rides and yet it remains our all time favorite mixtape of the year.
Thus we have crowned DJ Emir’s Transformers Mixtape with its most deserved title of Mixtape of The Year.
The Transformers Mixtape is flat out the winner for our award of Mixtape of The Year" – VIP Nightclub Magazine

Get your copy of this unique Transformers Collectors Item and winner of the coveted title of
Mixtape of The Year along with other Hot Mixtapes at www.djemir.com
Where Hip Hop Lives

DJ Emir Transformers Mixtape VIP Nightclub magazine Mixtape of the Year

Transformers Movie Mixtape CD Mixtape of the Year

Get your copy of the ultra hot Transformers Mixtape today at www.djemir.com

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DJ Emir Worlds Greatest Nightclub & Mixtape DJ

DJ Emir The Worlds Greatest DJ

The Transformers Mixtape
The Hot New Hip Hop Mixtape by DJ Emir
Listen to the first 20 minutes for free and get this hot Mixtape today!

Hot Mixtapes from the worlds number one Mixtape DJ!
DJ Emir
The best Hip Hop DJ mixes and Mixtape CDs.
80 minutes of hot music on each CD with hot remixes and of course your favorite Nightclub music!

Get your Mixtapes Now From The Mixtape Leader of the World

One of the world’s greatest DJs, DJ Emir knows the turntables, and uses them with the precision of a surgeon.

He knows music and knows how to re-create it, redefine it, and bring it to life.
His innovative techniques, ideologies and charismatic mixes distinguish him from his piers,
setting him a cut and a scratch above. But most of all, DJ Emir knows people and knows how to move them.
He exists to entertain and makes sure nightclub dance-floors are revitalized. For Emir is not just a DJ, but a Performer as well.

DJ Emir’s Mixtape and Nightclub Mixes have created followings around the world. With enthusiastic fans in the U.S. Canada, Puerto Rico Prague, Spain, Australia, China, Russia and many other countries. His mixes transcend age, race, gender and genre to move people at their most primal level…
DJ Emir Moves The Soul

DJ Emir Your Nightclub & Mixtape Connection

To Book DJ Emir Call: 303 995-0875 or Email: hiphopmixtapes@gmail.com

PS: These Mixtapes Make Great Christmas Gifts and Birthday Gifts
for the Hip Hop Fan in Your Life

DJ Emir Mixtapes

DJ Emir The Worlds Greatest DJ
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