Ironman Mixtape CD

"The Ironman mixtape is a 62 track monster mixtape CD mixed by DJ Emir One of the worlds top nightclub and mixtape DJs.
This CD has captivated many of todays mixtape fans with the intensity and precision of the mixes and remixes that have made DJ Emir famous.
The mixtape master went back to work and created yet another mixtape masterpiece in an attempt to out do his 2008 mixtape of the year." – Jerome Johnson VIP Nightclub Magazine
Listen to the first Ten minutes for Free at
Then get your mixtape fix with the Ironman Mixtape
The Iron Man Mixtape The follow up smash hit to the
2008 VIP Nightclub magazine Mixtape of The Year
Superstar DJ DJ Emir Hip Hop Mixtapes
New Mixtapes now available at
The Hot New Iron Man Mixtape plus the multi award winning
2008 Mixtape of The Year and supreme fan favorite mixtape CD,
DJ Emir’s Transformers Mixtape The official
VIP Nightclub Magazine 2008 Mixtape of The Year

About DJ Emir Mixtapes and Designs

I am a highly sought after Mixtape DJ and Designer currently living in Denver Colorado. For Mixtapes, DJ Servicesor Designs visit
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