Press Rewind

Press Rewind On the Track – Did You Hear What He Said?

There was a time when pressing rewind was mandatory. You had to rewind, cause some of the lines people spit made you say DAMN! You rewound because you were like “damn did he say what I think he said?” You had to rewind because the cadence was so quick and the rhymes so full of wit you just couldn’t digest it all in one listen. Now you tend to have most people spitting McDonald’s Fast Food rhymes that even the dumbest idiots can easily digest and sing along to after the first listen… “All that Ass In those Jeans…” “Get Out the Way Pretty Boy Coming Through…”

It’s just not there anymore, but occasionally we hear a track with a rhyme that goes all in like Andre 3000’s VERSE (and I mean only his verse) on Kesha’s “Sleazy Remix” (she ends up ruining the song for me, but that beat and his verse are strong as hell especially when he says “I say it in cadence so it won’t get negated”

And then of course Joel Ortiz, Crooked I, Styles P etc on the Slaughterhouse “Put Some Money On It Remix” but overall you have to dig deeper than ever to find the quality lyrics that used to be more prevalent when you had to earn your way to a record deal by putting out good music.

There are a few still out there that consistently put out some hard-hitting Lyrics, Eminem’s verses on “NO Love” come to mind as do some of Ludacris’ lines from The more serious songs on the “Release Therapy Album” and the witty lines on his newer songs as well.

With the internet making it easier for rap artists and music artists to get themselves heard, we find more often people we really need not hear anymore, yet they somehow manage to keep finding support from misguided individuals willing to swallow whatever they keep dishing out.

Maybe emcees just don’t have good role models anymore, people they look up to and say Damn, I wish I could spit like that and come up with intellectual lines like they do, put together a song that flows like they do. But as Rap deteriorates with each passing generation we must find a few beacons of light in the darkest of times to bring us back to the path. Even if it means going back to the past to find them. We’re in the dark ages of Rap so it is that a rebirth is needed. A Hip Hop Renaissance  to bring us barreling out of the Dark Ages of Rap.

See now you either grow lyrically with your fanbase or you become obsolete real quick
take The Souljah Boy flop sales of 13,000 albums after having much higher numbers. Hopefully he has invested some of his money, so he can still live it up in the future. He should still be OK with the sales of ringtones, merchandise etc, but this is stilla  big blow to his income and perhaps his ego as well. This may cause him to step it up and maybe we will see a new rapper come out of this.

So lets go back to some Mobb Deep Survival of The Fittest, some Das EFX, Tribe called Quest, Big Daddy Kane and re-listen to the metaphors cadence then as Red Man said “Press rewind if I haven’t blown ya mind” … “he said riding the fuji like Bruce Lee in the movie” LOL – DJ Emir Mixtapes


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