Mixtape Fans Around The World

Lavish Nightclub Denver Iron Man Mixtape Giveaway to mixtape Fan Justina from DJ Emir

DJ Emir with Ironman Mixtape Fan Justina at Lavish Nightclub Denver

Thousands of DJ Emir mixtape fans around the world adore and appreciate the creativity and effort that goes into every DJ Emir Mixtape. Emir commands a strong loyal following of mixtape fans worldwide. So much so, that funny encounters with DJ Emir mixtape fans are abundant.

Cassie Jasmine Nukem a friend that attends Kung Fu with Emir once told him a funny story about her bumping into an avid DJ Emir Mixtape Fan while in Paris France. Cassie started the conversation with Emir I didn’t realize you were so famous. Do you know you have huge fans in France” she continued “You’re never going to believe this but I was in France practicing Kung Fu in the park when a guy walked up to me wanting to know where I study kung fu. I answered him, ‘I study in Denver Colorado.’ He immediately lit up and said ‘Oh my god, you study kung fu in Denver Colorado? DJ Emir’s from Denver and he studies kung fu too! You wouldn’t happen to know him?’  I told him ‘yes as a matter of fact we go to the same kung fu school’ he became even more excited and said ‘Wow, you know DJ Emir?! That’s awesome, he’s my favorite DJ in the world, I have all his mixtapes!”

The crazy part about the story was that the guy was specifically talking about DJ Emir Santana from the United States even though there is also another DJ Emir that actually lives in France.

From Russia With Love: Bumping into a Mixtape Fan from Russia
In another instance DJ Emir himself bumped into a Mixtape Fan from Russia while hanging out at Elitch Garden’s amusement park Denver CO. Emir was immediately recognized by his loyal fan who asked

“Hey I know you, aren’t you kind of famous” Emir responded with “yeah, sort of” The mixtape fan became extra excited and proclaimed “yeah I know who you are, your DJ Emir, I have all your mixtapes, I bought them when I was still living in Russia! Your a great DJ I love all your mixtapes” Emir astonished to have met a mixtape fan from overseas responded with pure amazement “wow that’s amazing, bumping into a fan from Russia, you say you have all my mixtapes but you probably don’t have this one cause it just came out.” with that Emir gave his mixtape fan a free copy of his Drunken Master Mixtape after which the Mixtape fan overjoyed asked if He and his girlfriend could take some pictures with him. They quickly snapped a few shots at the amusement park then head out to enjoy the rides at Elitches.


Transformers Mixtape

Transformers Mixtape By DJ Emir 2008 Mixtape Of the Year


Transformers Mixtape Fan In Denver After The Club:
Another Mixtape Fan run-in happened in Emir’s home town of Denver. After Deejaying at Club Rise (now club Beta) for a special event Emir was walking to his car and heard a song he was certain was from his Transformer’s Mixtape blasting out of a car in the parking lot. The song was by a then new group, 2XL and the song was “Magic City” Emir knew this was a cut he specifically chose for the Transformers mixtape and that no one else in Denver was playing it and it wasn’t getting play yet on the radio either, so he figured it had to be his mixtape they were bumping out the car. A few seconds later a female voice tag played out “DJ Emir Dot COM” verifying his assumptions. He walked up to the car to find a girl playing the CD and said ” I see you’re bumping my transformers mixtape, I knew it had to be my mixtape cauise no one else plays that song in this town” she responded “Yeah I love that song and I love your Transformers Mixtape! It’s all I’ve been playing in my car for the past 3 months!”

DJ Emir Mixtape Fans from His Visit to Club Karma in Grenada

In 2008 DJ Emir Santana flew out to the Island of Grenada W.I. to DJ at Karma Nightclub. After laying down a Hip Hop and Reggae set this nice couple approached and said “I really like how you play, you are a really good DJ.” So of course DJ Emir had to hook them up with a transformers mixtape. They also asked to take a picture with DJ Emir (though I must say Emir’s face looks funny in that one LOL)

DJ Emir Transformers Mixtape Fans Club Karma Grenada

DJ Emir Transformers Mixtape Fans Club Karma Grenada


DJ Emir with Transformers Mixtape Fans at Karma Nightclub Grenada

DJ Emir with Transformers Mixtape Fans at Karma Nightclub Grenada

DJ Emir Transformers Mixtape Fans Club Karma Party St George Grenada

DJ Emir Transformers Mixtape Fans Club Karma Party St George Grenada


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