Talking about The Hottest DJ For Your Nightclub Events

Not Just a DJ But AN Entertainer!
What is it about DJ Emir that seperates him apart from all the other DJs in the nation?
Is it his energy? The way he controls the crowd? perhaps to an extent.
He’s an entertainer first and DJ second. He combines microphone and crowd control with turntablist beat jugglig and scratches
and some of the tightest personalized nightclub mixes and remixes we’ve ever encountered.

While we do think his mixtapes are completely off the chain, and possibly some of the best mixtapes on the planet,
It’s the rare few times that we’ve had the priveledge of seeing DJ Emir Perform live that we have just been totaly floored with his abilities.

The way he feeds off the crowd and just keeps building on their exitement with his quick mix sets and crowd hype just has to be experienced first hand. If you see his name on a Flyer in your area make sure you check it out, you will be glad you did- Nightclub & DJ Reviews at Blazing Entertainment Magazine Weblog.


About DJ Emir Mixtapes and Designs

I am a highly sought after Mixtape DJ and Designer currently living in Denver Colorado. For Mixtapes, DJ Servicesor Designs visit
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