Hip Hop Mixtape Volume 6: the Star Wars Mixtape

Hip Hop Mixtape Volume6: Star Wars Mixtape

The latest Hiphop Mixtape in the popular Techniques Hiphop Mixtape series is now available.

Visit www.djemir.com to see the track listing and pick up your copy today!

This mixtape will keep your head knodding to over 30 tracks of the hottest Hiphop Music as well as exclusive remixes not available anywhere else.

The Star Wars Mixtape is themed to the Fall of Anakin Skywalker as he turns away from the Jedi Order and decends to the Darkside of the force to become the Dreaded Darth Vader. With quick cameos from all your favorite Star wars Characters including Master Yoda and Emperor Palpetine and boasting a full roster of the hottest Hip Hip mixes and remixes this mixtape is a sure hit for any Hip Hop Fan or Star Wars Fans out there. 

Been Let Down By Non Mixtapes?

We know you are tired of all those non-mixtapes by DJs that are too lazy to mix.
You know the ones… just a bunch of songs glued together with shout outs, drops, and gunshot sounds.
well now here’s your chance to pick up something different…A Mixed Tape that’s actually mixed featuring blends, Mixes scratches and hot samples to enhance your mixtape experience. This one in particular features samples of the dark side of the force. With Emperor Palpatine droping those ever elusive Darkside comments every now and then between the mixes.

We Know what you want… and we know you want it to last…
You want a Mixtape that will last longer than just a measly 30 minutes… These are full length 80 minute Mixtapes just spilling off the rim with tons of new Hiphop music, more than enough to cover a short road trip.

So get your copy of Mixtape volume 6 today and check out the rest of our amazing mixtapes at www.djemir.com


About DJ Emir Mixtapes and Designs

I am a highly sought after Mixtape DJ and Designer currently living in Denver Colorado. For Mixtapes, DJ Servicesor Designs visit www.djemir.com
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One Response to Hip Hop Mixtape Volume 6: the Star Wars Mixtape

  1. Alexa says:

    You have some ill mixtapes we all love them here at the office. Check out our blog It features a few snippits about your mixtapes alongside some other Hip Hop Music related articles website entries and website links. We picked up a few of your mixtapes wholsale and are featuring them on our site… That\’s how strongly we feel about them. Peace stay up on the mix and get the next mixtapes crackin
    – Your peeps at "The Great Hip Hop Blog Spot Review Board"

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